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Written with the intent to provide as much value as possible in the least amount of time practical, The Lunch Break Legend is one of the shortest yet powerful self-improvement books you'll read all year. 

Learn twelve ideas and strategies to help you get more results out of your efforts, do more with your time, and become a better version of you in all your endeavors, regardless of what they are. 

All twelve ideas can be implemented for free, and most can be started immediately. There isn't such thing as doing them 'incorrectly' for they are skills you will learn and practice over time. As a result, they will help you today and tomorrow, help you even more in a months' time, and more again in a year. The ideas in this book develop as you do. 

Length: 8,500 words / 34 pages

~ Why is The Lunch Break Legend only available as an eBook? ~
The Lunch Break Legend is only available as an eBook for the purpose of the age-old saying 'strike while the iron is hot'. You are most likely to take action when you are most motivated, so by having The Lunch Break Legend as an eBook, you can begin reading within minutes of purchasing. 

Paperbacks may be available in the near future depending on demand. If you would like to be kept updated on paperback availability, please subscribe to The Lunch Break Legend emails. 

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The Lunch Break Legend eBook

The Lunch Break Legend eBook

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